Trust Douglas J Millstone, Family Lawyer in Scarborough
Trust Douglas J Millstone, Family Lawyer in Scarborough
Trust Douglas J Millstone, Family Lawyer in Scarborough
Trust Douglas J Millstone, Family Lawyer in Scarborough
Trust Douglas J Millstone, Family Lawyer in Scarborough
Trust Douglas J Millstone, Family Lawyer in Scarborough

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Your Family Law Lawyer in Scarborough

Call to the Bar:  April 8th, 1976, Province of Ontario

Douglas J Millstone, Scarborough wills lawyer

I have been practising law for over 45 years. All of that time has been in Scarborough. I have served this community with services in Family Law, Estates, and Real Estate. I am here to make your life easier but more importantly I am here to listen.

Collaborative Family Law

I am especially enthusiastic about Collaborative Family Law for its co-operative and dignified approach to the issues that people must resolve when they separate. The collaborative approach involves each participant being represented by a lawyer and more often than not a team approach which includes the valuable assistance and input of a Family Professional and Financial Neutral. The process is very empowering to the parties. It will most often lead to long lasting resolutions at a cost which is significantly less than litigation and often less than other traditional approaches.

Comprehensive Mediation

My function as an experienced Mediator is to assist you with child related issues and property/support issues. In mediation I am a neutral third party and work with clients to come to a resolution. Given my extensive experience representing children I have conducted mediations which have led to the creation of a parenting plan that serves the interest not only of the children but their parents as well. I have just completed two Mediations. One involved a couple in the throes of early separation. One was uncertain about separating. The other was more convinced about ending the relationship. I was able to work with them to reach a temporary agreement about how to move forward. In the second Mediation the former spouses had been separated for over a decade and had run into the first “bump” along the way. That Mediation involved the resolution of ongoing child support and post-secondary expenses. When the time is right for Mediation it is very successful.


If mediation in a high conflict situation may lead to an impasse, the appropriate process would be to select mediation/arbitration.  At the point of impasse, which hopefully will not occur, the Mediator becomes the decision maker (Arbitrator) and an Award enforceable through the Court is made.  The key element of mediation/arbitration is not so much that a hearing will be held should there be an impasse but that avoiding the hearing enables the parties to focus their efforts on reaching a resolution.


With over 40 years of practice in this community, many local residents come to me to have their Wills and Powers of Attorney prepared.  The rate that I charge for Wills and Powers of Attorney is extremely low as I feel this is a very important matter for individuals and families.  Following a meeting to offer advice and take instructions a draft Will and Powers of Attorney can usually be prepared within three (3) to five (5) business days.

Call Your Family Lawyer in Scarborough

I understand the emotional trauma that comes with family legal matters. My professional legal background and volunteer service has given me the wisdom to offer meaningful and sensitive feedback to clients. I find that it is most effective if people meet with me for a comprehensive consultation.  My practice is to offer such a consultation where individuals may take as much time as they need for a fee of $250.00.   I do not offer a 30 minute free consultation nor do I charge my hourly rate.  I find that if people know there is no time limit they can become comfortable and candidly share with me all that they need to.  At the end of the consultation they may retain me if they wish but there is no obligation.  I find that most individuals have gained enough information to be able to make the right choices for themselves moving forward.

Call me at 416-289-7996 for help in Scarborough with wills or other legal services today.

Trust Douglas J Millstone, Family Lawyer in Scarborough

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